Name Adulting: College Life 101
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Once you become a college student, "adulting" can come at you fast. Gone are the days when parents/guardians guide you through your day-to-day activities. It's all on you to get to class, do laundry, study, pay bills, etc. Managing the freedoms of college life can be a bit tricky, so this webinar is designed to encourage you with a few tips from Duke University's legendary "Dean Sue" Wasiolek. From building a community of support to balancing the academic workload with a social life, we'll help both parents and students with solutions to success.

Sue Wasiolek, affectionately known as "Dean Sue" is the former Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Duke University where she served for over 40 years and lived in a freshman residence hall for almost a decade. She is the co-author of "Getting the Best Out of College," teaches education law at Duke and North Carolina State University, has served as executive-in-residence at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, and is the executive director of the Ever Scout Foundation.

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