Name Your Changing Role: How to Be a Great College Parent and Help Your Student Make a Successful Transition
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Description Settling into college life is a big step for students and a big adjustment for parents, too! The roles and responsibilities of the new college parent are not clearly defined. How do you learn to be a supportive college parent while making sure your student has the skills they need to succeed? Join special guest speaker, Dr. Andrea Malkin Brenner, college transition educator, creator of the Talking College (TM) Cards, and co-author of How to College: What to Know Before You Go (and When You're There), for this practical session on things you can do to support your student's success in college while lessening your involvement in their daily lives as they become more self-reliant. Topics will include: - Teaching students to understand the responsibilities that come with independence - Preparing them for the differences between high school and college academics - Practicing self-sufficient problem-solving - Learning to build resilience after challenges and setbacks
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