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A great AP exam score can go a long way. It shows colleges you have what it takes, and can help you earn credit or save on tuition.

There’s just one catch – AP exams cover a whole year of learning, which means you need to study effectively to get that awesome score.

What if you could get the inside scoop from two of Applerouth’s most seasoned AP tutors? Now you can! In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The structure of AP exams and prepare accordingly
  • Effective study and prep schedules
  • How to get motivated and organized to study

Meet your expert guides to the AP exams:

Ian Harkins: Ian is a Premium Tutor who, since 2011, has worked with over 420 Applerouth students and is one of our top Most Requested Tutors. Growing up, Ian split his time between London and New York. Fluent in three languages, Ian graduated from Cornell University with a Dual B.A. in Political Science and History. Here at Applerouth, Ian tutors for the SAT/ACT, as well as a wide range of AP subjects, including AP US History, AP European History, AP World History, AP Government & Politics, and AP Human Geography.

Jesse Anderson-Lehman: Jesse is a Premium Tutor who has worked with over 300 students since joining Applerouth in 2014. He is one of Applerouth's Most Requested Tutors of All Time. Jesse holds a Bachelor's from Northwestern University in Comparative Literature and a Master's from Emory University in Film Studies, and is currently pursuing a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. Jesse tutors a wide range of STEM subjects, including AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics, among others.

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